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12 Brilliant Glitter Tattoos

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Not all tattoos are permanent, but you can – and should – always expect quality work even for a temporary. Glitter tattoos fall into the “temporary” category. They can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and they adhere to the surface of the skin. They do not require the use of tattoo needles for application and any color used in the design is also temporary and will wear off along with the adhesive.

Glitter tattoos make the perfect accent for special occasions or for those who don’t like the idea of having to make a lifelong commitment to body art. This is a characteristic that they share with henna tattoos although henna lasts much longer and lends itself to more intricate designs. Glitter tattoos can have a good degree of detail but not the kind of fine detail that permanent or semi-permanent types do.

On average, you can expect a guarantee of seven days with a glitter tattoo, if you follow the aftercare guidelines and protect the tattoo from premature wear. The piece will usually last a good bit longer, but do not plan for it to look new for more than a week. If you are getting a glitter tattoo for a special event, schedule the application as close to the event as possible.

Glitter tattoos do stand up considerably to water. You may shower and swim after having one done but a certain amount of time will be needed for the adhesive to set before you do. The timeframe varies with the adhesive used and the style and size of the tattoo. In fact, most shops and artists will tell you that showering daily will actually help the tattoo last longer since a buildup of oil in the skin will wear away faster at your tattoo.

Glitter tattoos are a great option for kids since the designs are generally brightly-colored and whimsical in nature. Their short lifespan is also a consideration for young children who have more strict dress codes for school or extracurricular activities. These tattoos are popular for parties and are often used as an alternative to face painting for a little added flair.

These tattoos are very shimmery and draw a good bit of attention to the areas to which they are applied. They are popular for those involved in live theater where the tattoo can be applied as part of the costuming for the actor and smaller more subtle ones are often used as an accent for cosmetics or jewelry. In most cases, a glitter tattoo can also be removed right away if needs be.

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