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12 Cute Ladybug Tattoos

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Feminine and sweet, these are two words that best describe ladybug tattoos. Besides these two attributes these tattoos has many symbolic meanings with which you might not be as familiar.

Symbolism of ladybug tattoos

In religion, especially Catholicism, the ladybug is considered a holy insect, a representation of Virgin Mary. It is believed that this little creature was sent to Earth to save the crops, by destroying the pests that were damaging them.
The symbols a ladybug carries within do not stop here, in many traditions the red and black ladybug symbolizes luck (finding a ladybug means good luck, while killing one bad luck), love and friendship. The color of this insect adds even more meaning to it, denoting energy, vitality and passion. All of these are good reasons to go for a ladybug tattoo!

Ladybug Tattoo Designs

Women can go crazy about ladybug tattoos and they have all the reasons to do so! Besides their beautiful design, they do not hurt as much as other tattoos. The most important in the design of a ladybug tattoo is to keep it as simple as possible, it doesn’t need other elements or vibrant colors to be brilliant.
However, if you want to go with a more sophisticated tattoo, you can add elements like dragonflies or flowers.
In what size is concerned, you should not exaggerate, small designs go well with these tattoos, larger designs will more likely ruin not just the look of the tattoo, but also the meaning behind it!

Best placements for ladybug tattoos

Because of the fact that they are small, you should choose your placement cleverly and allow your tiny tattoo to be noticed. These tattoos are at their best value on your hand, finger, ankle, wrist, shoulder or neck.
If you still linger on which design to choose, check out our gallery of 12 cute ladybug tattoos where will definitely find some inspiration!

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