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17 Prolific Portrait Tattoos by Cecil Porter

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Cecil Porter has one of the best portrait tattoo portfolios, receiving more than 200 awards for his works. He is currently working in Portland, Oregon.  Porter always wanted to do art for a living and tattooing just came as a challenge. In field which allows a very unique kind of experience to the artist you must have someone from who you can learn.  Porter has learned much about tattooing from his friend, Rodney Rose.

If you want to get an outstanding portrait tattoo of a celebrity or someone who is really close to you, Porter is the best artist for this job. All his designs are highly detailed, featuring most of the time vibrant, neon colors.Some might say that his tattoos are realistic, but the truth to be told there is more to Porter’s  designs than realism: some features are exaggerated,the shadowing and contrast are well-used and the final work is more of a caricature, than a photo-realistic tattoo. Briefly, don’t expect to get exactly what’s on a photo! Don’t  believe us?  Check out these 17 of our favorite portrait tattoos by Cecil Porter.

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