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23 Amazing Portrait Tattoos by Janos Kovarik

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Janos Kovarik was always interested in drawing and painting and wanted to transpose the art from the canvas to the skin. His first tattoos were inked for friends, when he finally get a job offer in Germany, at a really professional tattoo shop. This was Kovarik’s great start in the tattoo industry. After working 16 months in Germany, he got other offers as well and got the chance to try different tattoo styles… and it is easy to learn when you have both talent and creativity.

Tattooing for more than 14 years now, Janos Kovarik has headed towards portrait tattoos. We can say that he really knows his way around both realistic and fantasy style portrait tattoos. He confessed that  the greatest challenge in these tattoos is to find the right colors and the right tones. For these designs Kovarik uses original pictures, paintings, comic books etc. depending on what the clients’ wishes are. Sometimes he does the paintings and drawings himself in order to get a clearer image of what style do his clients have in mind.

To give you an idea of the amazing work of Janos Kovarik, we’ve selected 22 of his portrait tattoos.

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