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28 Full Sleeve Tattoos Designed by Dmitriy Samohin

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The Ukranian tattoo artist, Dmitriy Samohin,is one of the best in the whole world. Given the quality of his work it is hard to believe that he is a self-taught artist with an experience of approximately 10 years. His decision of becoming a tattoo artist came after seeing a tattoo magazine during his years in the army.
In his conception anything which is on paper can be on one’s skin as well.

Unlike other artists, Samohin does not belong to one particular style.In fact the uniqueness of his work comes from the fact that he can ink in any style as long as his clients are satisfied with the final result.
What is the inspiration behind his outstanding tattoo designs? Basic everyday life – as the artist himself confessed in an interview. For the moment we have gathered some of his best full sleeve designs. They will surely leave you speechless!


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