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40 Magnificent Geisha Tattoos

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The Geisha is a complex subject for a tattoo. She is generally tall and slender and symbolizes those things that encapsulate the concepts of beauty and mystery. Her face is painted ivory white and her hair is jet black. She is most typically seen wrapped in a kimono of vibrant color. Geisha literally means, “person of arts.” How fitting, then, that she should be the subject of an intricate and permanent piece of art for your body?

About the Geisha

Geishas spend years learning their craft. Their sole purpose is to please and entertain men in a way that is sensual but not necessarily sexual. Geishas are not prostitutes. They are highly professional and take their responsibilities seriously. They know how to stimulate a man’s intellect as artfully as his libido. These women are intelligent and well-educated. They are not just mindless playthings and their profession, as well as their image, commands a level of respect that transcends cultural barriers.

The Geisha symbolizes all things intriguing and mysterious about women. Modern geishas still live in Geisha houses sequestered from society. This is not a sign of dishonor. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. These women are set apart in a way that tells the rest of the world that they are highly valued and unattainable by the average man.

Symbolism of Geisha Tattoos

Geisha tattoo by Maggie ShieldsRed is a color that plays predominantly in Geisha tattoos. Red represents allure and sexuality and is therefore representative of everything a Geisha should be. She is often depicted against a backdrop of cherry blossoms or has cherry blossoms on her kimono, creating a distinct cultural avatar that is purely and completely Japanese. The Geisha is a proud and enduring symbol of that culture.

In Western cultures, the history of the Geisha takes a back seat to the allure of everything she represents. As outside observers, the overwhelming sense of mystery conveyed by the Geisha is even greater since, to most of the world, she truly is unattainable.


Why Get a Geisha Tattoo?

For women, the Geisha represents empowerment, knowledge, wisdom and talent. Wear a Geisha tattoo to communicate your unwavering sense of self and your commitment to excellence in all facets of your life.

For men, Geisha tattoos represent a deep-rooted admiration and respect for all things female. If you are the type that appreciates beauty and brains, this design communicates your tastes well.

Bear in mind that the best Geisha tattoo designs cover a large area so select a canvas that allows the theme of your tattoo to be adequately conveyed and properly represented.



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