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Brides, Weddings and Design of Tattoos

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The wedding day is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life and, no offense to the groom, but the bride is usually the most important person, so all eyes are on her. This brings heavy pressure, so many of the brides try very hard to look as perfect as possible, they search for the perfect wedding dress, try beautiful shoes, they invest a lot in their hairstyle and make up and many more.

Choosing the right dress is very important and if you have tattoos on your skin the challenge to pick the right dress is bigger. Some try to cover them but some use their tattoos as accessories of the whole outfit. For example, in the traditional Indian wedding, the bride is decorated with henna tattoos on her hands to celebrate the special occasion, so the easiest thing to do is to be proud of your tattoos and the wedding photos will be pieces of art.

Wonderful backless dress on tattoed brideThe wedding dress

Inked brides have to chose whether to hide them or, what most of them do, bring attention to them and wear them like accessories that complement the wedding dress. If you are more more of a groovy rebel kind of person, than go for showing on your tattoos, they are definitely something that represent you and you don’t need to cover them up. If you have on your back some great design of tattoos that choose a backless dress, if you have tattoos on your arms pick a dress without sleeves and so on. There are many designs of dresses that you can choose depending on where you have your tattoo on your body.

If you check yahoo Answers for questions like:” Should I hide my tattoos on the wedding day?” most of the answers were no, be proud of theme and show them off.

Design of tattoos for weddings

Plenty of couples choose to have tattoos added on their bodies before the wedding; the design of tattoos chosen represents the commemoration of the couple’s love. Getting a wedding tattoo is a lot like getting any other kind of tattoo. You need to be sure you’re ready for the experience and that you have the right design of tattoos that represent you both as a couple.

Nowadays wedding rings tattoos are very popular. They look cool and are good for those who cannot stand jewelry or those who are always losing them. The range of ring tattoos is almost unlimited; it’s all about personal choice; from the initial of their life partner to different pattern, symbols and so on. Ring tattoos are perfect if you are a nonconformist couple.

What do you think? Do you dare to tattoo your fingers?

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