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Design of Tattoos and the Dragon Symbol

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The dragon is a mythological creature that is often used in the tattooing art. They symbolize strength and power. The design of the dragon tattoo is colorful and there are many different ways to draw it, you can be so creative with your design of tattoo. There are two designs of dragons used in the tattooing art. The Western dragon has a thick and scaly body, wings and a long neck; the Eastern dragon has a serpentine and scaly body and no wings.

Types of dragon tattoos and their meaning

The western dragon has a more mythological and historical significance; the Celtic dragon has a deep meaning; it represents the circle of life. The Eastern is more complex; the dragon represents four elements: fire, wind, earth and water. The dragon is represented like a force of nature, which can be beautiful or brutal. Most dragon designs of tattoos are colorful, but they can be also done in black or shades of grey. For the tribal tattoo design the combination of the color black and red is used.

A large variety of scenes can be inked using the image of the dragon. An intricate design can be the koi fish dragon. The koi represents wisdom and longevity; it said that they can climb waterfalls and that at the end of track, they transform themselves into dragons.Think of a simple design or find something that can represent the journey between fish and beast.

The backdrop of the dragon design of tattoos can be diverse as the dragon itself. Frequently the dragon tattoo is combined with symbols like flames, flowers or pace symbols, landscapes around the dragon; this of course depends of what you want from your tattoo but choosing a dragon is already a great step.

What should you know?

The dragon design of tattoos can be placed on your body in a small scale or a large one, depending on what you want but a really imposing dragon is a large one. The dragon represents power, nobility, and magic. It’s the expression of what you believe about yourself, or how you want to see yourself, strong and free.

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