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Design of Tattoos Made with Henna

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Using henna for inking tattoos has been an ancient practice was passed on from generation to generation – especially in the Middle East – becoming a modern body painting style and art expression.  Henna tattoos are also known as Mehdi, body painting decorations from India. This traditional art was understood rather as an embellishment, a body decoration for special occasions not a design of tattoos. The traditional Mehdi designs are very complex and the most common places to design the henna tattoos are hands and feet.

Some artists use special tools, but other are able to draw these patterns and apply henna with hands only. The henna dye is made from leaves of henna plant that are crushed, and then mixed with oils and lemon juice till it becomes a thick paste.

The most beautiful henna tattoo on feetHenna- alternative to ink tattoos

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, henna is a great alternative to permanent ink tattoos. With henna you can get a temporary tattoo, cheap, painless and that looks real. Henna tattoos are beautiful and highly detailed, with floral patterns or repeating geometric shapes, nevertheless the design of tattoos are unlimited.

Henna tattoo design on shoulder You can choose a traditional Mehdi tattoo or you can choose a modern design. The color of henna tattoos varies from dark orange to burgundy or brown and may last for 4 to 6 weeks. Henna tattoo can become an accessory that complements your outfit that’s why you can do henna tattoos for special occasions.

Taking care of the henna design of tattoos

Henna is a temporary ink, so in order to have it for a longer period of time you need to take care of the tattoo. If the henna and the after-care are done correctly it may last till 6 weeks. The henna artist applies the henna paste on your skin and it should stay on your skin for 4-24 hours. Too remove the paste you need to put oil on the tattoo and then wipe it off with a tissue. The color of the henna tattoo will change in 2 days and it will be a dark brown.

Ingredients for makeing a henna tattooAvoid water on the tattoo, excess rubbing of the area and don’t use body lotion. Taking care of it extends the life and quality of the design, and you might get to love having a tattoo and maybe you will decide to get a permanently inked.


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