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34 Magical Fairy Tattoos

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Playful, elegant, delicate, beautiful – all these are worthy adjectives to describe fairy tattoos. They evoke thoughts and images of the fantastic, the idyllic, even the sexual and erotic. They convey concepts of fantasy and magic and can be used to send any number of messages by the wearer.

The fairy tattoo is also distinctly and almost exclusively feminine. Certain types of fairy imagery may appeal to the male wearer, but the designs are few and almost always lack the kind of masculine quality most men want in their tattoos. That said, personal preference will always prevail in the decision to get inked.

Fairies vs. Angels

When compared to other similar images, fairies tend to convey more sensual and carnal themes. Their ability to be portrayed in both a spiritual and sexual context make them stand out from designs like angels, also a predominantly feminine tattoo theme. It is much more difficult to offend with a sexy fairy than with a sexy angel (although there have no doubt been numerous attempts at the latter, too).

Fairy Tattoo Themes

Even though they possess a real mystical quality, fairies also lend themselves well to natural themes, particularly those centered around forests, woodlands and other sylvan landscapes. Fairies are often depicted as part of an image with various kinds of flora and fauna and most often take the spotlight as the pinnacle of beauty within the scene.

Spiritual Fairy Tattoos

Fairies are also part of various Pagan religions (including Faerie Wicca) and witchcraft. They feature prominently in Pagan lore, particularly in cultures native to Britain and other parts of western Europe. Also known as the Fae Folk in various traditions and as the Sidhe (pronounced “shee”) by modern Druids, these creatures are far from deity in their standing but are considered to be real beings that live in realms that exist in tandem with our own. In many traditions, fairies are regarded in much the same way as guardian angels and are believed to be in possession of powers similar to angels.

In many Pagan rituals, fairies are called upon to lend their assistance in magical workings and spells. They are often credited with having a hand in various positive and uplifting life experiences such as sudden financial windfalls, new found romance and other major positive life events. A fairy tattoo is therefore a great visual depiction of these memories and events.


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