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22 Memorable Love Tattoos

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If there are tattoos that can show what’s in someone’s heart they are certainly love tattoos. These tattoos can show your loved ones how much you care about them and can make the bond between you even tighter. As more and more people have chosen to wear their feelings on one of their body parts love tattoos have become more and more popular. If you want a love tattoo you must know what it can mean as well as all the possibilities you have for the design of your tattoo.

The meaning of love tattoos

We all have seen love tattoos as to know that they are artistic and interesting, but are you familiar with all the meanings that lie behind these tattoos ? It is of utmost importance to understand your tattoo before getting it inked. Love tattoos symbolize only positive things (quite rare for a tattoo), feeling like trust, devotion, friendship or hope are all shown through these tattoos. If you think that you can show love only towards your life partner, think twice! You can dedicate your tattoo to your family, one member of your family, your best friend, a cousin, nature, God, the possibilities are endless depending on the feelings of each of us. Don’t forget to take your time before deciding yo go with such a tattoo, it is better to think it through and make the right choice, not one that you might regret.

Feeling confused about your love tattoo design ?

No need to feel confused ! Yes, there are a lot of possibilities out there, but at the end of this article you are closer to choosing the right design. Love tattoos are all about you, nobody knows you and your feeling better than you, right ? You can include any element that it is related to the love you feel. We will present some of the most popular options, perhaps they will set you on the right track.

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of love ? Hearts, of course. Heart love tattoo designs are the most accurate way of depicting your feelings, they can’t be misinterpreted, they will surely deliver the message ! You can combine the heart with other elements like an infinity symbol, birds, flowers or add a cross, wings or an angel to symbolize your love towards God.

Roses are the flowers of love, the most romantic flower ever ! (just look at how they sell on Valentine’s Day !) Rose tattoos are not only beautiful, but also very meaningful. For a more symbolism you can choose to include also the name of the person on your tattoo.

Love can be also portrayed through a dove. This beautiful bird can make for an elegant and attractive tattoo. A lot of people choose to a design in which the dove has a ribbon attached to its neck and on this ribbon is engraved the name of the person towards who they want to show their love.

It goes without saying the a key and a heart lock are a classic. Because they include two elements these tattoos are ideal for couples, because one of them can have the lock and the other the key inked on his/her body, thus adding even more meaning to the design.

For a more artistic design you can also choose a tattoo of cupid, the symbol of love, who has the power to make people fall in love with each other, by simply shooting an arrow into someone.

Another design possibility can be simply inking  love or a quote that speaks of love and is meaningful to you. After all, love can be on your body, not only in the air!


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