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Horseman Warrior Tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin

Tattoo Designs and the Follies of Youth

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It is world where a relatively small number of people are influencing the masses. There are groups of people whose acts are looked upon like law and the masses just follow without asking questions. These are those we call celebrities. These are the people who are licensed to deceive the others. Unfortunately the youth are the most likely to get caught up in this folly. Celebrities wear all kinds of tattoo designs and the younger generation hails them.

Different trends of designs of tattoo

Tattoos have been around for centuries and a part and parcel of some ancient tradition. What may be looked upon today as modernism is what some ancient tradition considered a rite of passage. In the past, different designs of tattoos were used by different people to denote their belonging to a sect or special group. In some traditions it was used on women to denote their reach marriage age. Today the trend has changed and while there may still be people who wear tattoo as a sign to other members of a special group. There are others who are just there to copy what the so called public figures are doing.

The younger generation is most affected by this influence. The issue is not whether wearing tattoo is good or bad. It is more about why you are wearing the tattoo and what the design means to you. Like it or not we live in a world of symbols and you may be giving the wrong information without knowing. But how do you explain to these young people who feel they know everything and are always en vogue. Young people are so energetic, they see a lot of opportunities and they know they have the world in their palms. They are the ones to have all kinds of outrageous designs tattooed on their body without any thought of how they’d feel tomorrow about it.

If you were bold enough to advise them on future implications, you’d be considered old school. However, they are sure to regret from the follies of youth if they don’t take time to reconsider certain decisions before carrying them out.


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