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Top 10 Gorgeous Pin-Up Girls Design of Tattoos

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Pin up girls are the symbol of the vintage style. The term “pin-up” was first used in England in 1941, although the phenomenon existed since the 1890s. When using the term “pin-up girl” most often refers to photographs, illustrations and paintings, done in a manner faithfully rendering a real model, or an ideal model in the artist’s imagination. A pin-up girl or pin-up model is someone who is admired and photographed in the spirit of pop culture in order to illustrate attitudes or a cultural trend. Pin-up girls exude feminine attitude often contrasted with self-confidence and a strong personality. Their careers often appear in the acting, dancing and modeling, one of the most famous and popular pin-ups that started this way was Betty Grable, American actress, singer and dancer.

The pin up girls and the art of tattooing

Pin-ups promote the women attractive in terms of sexuality, often dressed exciting or semi-nude, nude, beautiful and having a large, charming smile. Pin-ups are considered works of art, an idealized version of beauty and feminine seduction. Tattoos started getting popular in the 50’s, and soon the pin-up girls tattoos started to be fashionable. Men often tattoo beautiful women to idolize the idea of beauty, sexiness and sex appeal.

Why to choose a pin up design of tattoos

Many pin-ups reproduce the image of people already famous, considered sex symbols in mass culture. Recently more and more women choose to get a pin-up girl inked on their body. Why? They relate to the innocence, rebellion, the world of rockabilly and rock and roll, fire. It gives a flair of sexiness and admiration either having a pin-up girl tattooed on your body our being a pin-up model with tattoos that help you bring into light the feminism in you.
Girls it is time to enjoy your tattoo!

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