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18 Amazing Tree of Life Tattoos

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Life and nature, these two words hold all the essence of a tree of life.

With its branches reaching high towards the sky and its roots going deep into Earth, trees have always been considered a link to the Universe. Therefore, tree of life tattoo designs are meaningful, unique and represent the choice of many.

The different meanings of tree of life tattoos

A tree of Knowledge and a tree of Life is already mentioned right at the beginning of the Bible, in the story of creation, being the symbol of immortality.

Trees of life are interpreted by other ancient cultures as well, meaning wisdom, the power of life and seen as a connection between Heaven ans Earth, life and death.

On the other hand, if we think of the fact that in the autumn their leaves fall off and new ones grown in the spring, they are the perfect example of rebirth and continuity.

Tree of Life tattoo designs

There are a number of ways of inking tree of life tattoos in order to depict their many meanings. They are chosen by people who want to express their love towards life. The best way to show this feeling is to opt for a design of a tree with a single leaf.
The interlaced branches of a tree can also make a good design, so does the image of a person hidden in the trunk of a tree. This latter is designed to show fertility.

More complex tattoo designs are the tribal and the Celtic tree of life tattoos. The tribal design is very stylized, inked usually in black, its distinguishing mark being the twisted circle around the crown of the tree. The Celtic design is very similar to this, a knot is formed either by the trunk or the branches of the tree.

If you want to take it further and make your tattoo even more awesome you can go for a floral design, include shades of black or get a tree of life tattoo together with your partner, it is becoming a trend among many couples.

What about size and placement? Big or small, on arms, legs, behind ear or fullback, these tattoos go well everywhere, the most important is for you to feel good with the tattoo because above all this unique tattoo should mean the most to you!

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