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17 Well Placed Spine Tattoos

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Tattoos and the back are simply the best combination! The fact that many women and men opt for a fullback a half back or a spine tattoo proves the truth of this statement.
Spine tattoos are all about placement, showing how choosing the right body part for your tattoo can make all the difference.

Do spine tattoos convey a meaning?

Of course they do! It’s true that spine tattoos focus more on accentuating the spine and their meaning is left behind and most tattoo lovers choose a spine tattoo more for its cool look than the symbolism behind it. However, if you want to add some meaning you have to choose a symbolic element which you can add to your tattoo design.

Spine tattoo designs

You would think that a placement such as this would limit you to a certain design. You can’t be more wrong! The design possibilities are unlimited, the space along the spine is fairly big enough to allow you to choose a nice tattoo design.
You can choose to ink a quote or a few meaningful words. If you want your tattoo to be amazing be careful with the font type you choose!
To add even more symbolism to your tattoo you can to ink the phases of the moon along your spine (this tattoo design is really popular) or go with more meaningful elements like butterflies, stars, feathers or realistic ones, like the backbone. It all depends on you, on how you want your tattoo to be!

Important fact you should know about spine tattoos

Due to their placement spine tattoos hurt more than those inked on other body parts, so be prepared! Our advice is to not forget that pain is only temporary, but a beautiful spine tattoo lasts forever!

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