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10 Delicate Garter Tattoos for Girls

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Girls,lets talk garter tattoos! Sexy, small, cute and feminine, garter tattoos have everything that a girl would want on her body. Garters are not just a band of fabric that help keep your stockings up, some tens of years ago it was only that but now … garters are another sexy accessory for a truly feminine and sexy girl!

From fabric to the inked garter tattoos for girls!

I find it really smart that after years of miss judging tattoos and especially women who get tattoos, the feminine mass has decided to give the tattoo art another meaning. Because girls are the specialists in accessory it is easy for them to simply transform the complexity of a design of tattoo in a pretty great and sexy accessory! That is why a garter tattoo is now a perfect accessory for the ladies.

A tattoo – a trend – an accessory

I find it really cool that this has become a trend as more and more garter tattoos come out of the ink studios each day!

But given the placement of the tattoo (on the upper leg) the design of the garter should fit perfect with it’s owners style and personality. Being trendy means that you have to be perfect at work, at parties, on the street and if you wear a swim suit! So think twice before deciding on the design of tattoo. From where I stand, the tattoo looks better if done only on one leg, it gives it a flair of mystery, sexiness and fantastic.

The perfect garter design of tattoo!

The reason why I am writing about garters today is because one great tattoo design that I found online. It’s a sexy and perfect tattoo with very soft colors and a graceful design (check first photo). In the gallery you have 10 of the best garter tattoos for girls! This might come useful if you decide that a garter tattoo might be you perfect accessory.

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