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11 Incredible Flower Tattoo Designs by Max Pniewski

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Although he was born in Poland, Max Pniewski is currently working at Southmed Tattoo Studio in Bristol, United Kingdom. He creates amazing realistic tattoos, being also the first to combine lego characters with realism and coming up with tattoos of the so called legolism style.

Tattooing since 1999, Max Pniewski had the time to create an amazing portfolio, especially of realistic tattoo designs.This time we’ve narrowed it down to 11 flower tattoos that will leave you speechless. Roses are the most popular flowers chosen for these designs and are combined with skulls to illustrate somehow the dual nature of life. As you will observer his flower tattoo designs are most often in vibrant colors so that all the attention would be on them. All we can say is good job Max!

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