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12 Realistic ans Surrealistic Skull Tattoo Designs by Robert Zyla

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If you are searching for a tattoo artist who can ink wonderful realistic and surrealistic skull tattoos (and not only) than Robert Zyla is your best bet! The most prominent feature of his tattoos is their shading, because through the technique he uses he makes his designs look like real stone carvings. Not many tattoo artists can do such a precise work as Zyla! Despite the fact that the techniques used are similar, not one design is like the other as the talented Robert Zyla finds always something that makes a tattoo unique and outstanding. Sophisticated and colorful or simple black and gray his skull tattoos are really craved after!

Check them out in our gallery of tattoos you will see that Robert Zyla is not kidding, he does some fantastic work1 They make it worth heading to Sweden and getting tattooed by him.

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