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13 Spectacular Map Tattoo Designs for Adventurers and Not Only

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Maps become an important part of our lives since men began to explore the world as they allow us to know where we are going. When you are lost with the help of a map you will certainly find your way. It is this symbolism that makes this useful object be a very desired tattoo element.

They can be inked everywhere, on you chest, back, hands, but also on the sleeves or feett. You can choose a map tattoo design in color or ¬†stick with black, it’s your choice! There are many map types you can choose from, you can go for the world globe map, a simple world map or if you want to be more specific, you can go for the map of a country, a topographic map or even for a subway map. You just have to make sure that you find a tattoo artist who understands what you want and can make an awesome design. Annie Lloyd and Pietro Sedda are two artists you can consider for your map tattoo, but there are thousand others who will do a good job.

It is a misconception that map tattoos are nly the choice of travelers or globetrotters. They can be chosen also by people who want to show that they have found their path in life and they are not lost anymore. Check out the 13 designs below and decide whether this tattoo type is right for you or not.


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