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14 Color Tattoos Designed by Lehel Nyeste

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Lehel Nyeste is a tattoo artist who lives in Budapest, Hungary. He started tattooing at home with friends, but his real journey in the tattoo world began at the Psychogang Tattoo Studio, where he had learned very much about  techniques and styles. However, only after moving to Skin Workshop Tattoo did he began to work on large scale tattoos and have more customers. Currently he is working at Perfect Chaos Tattoo together with Szabolcs Oravecz.

As you can observe from the gallery below his tattoos are characterized by striking colors and creative designs. Nyeste confesses that graffiti and digital painting represent most of the inspiration for his color tattoos. Through the years he has managed to form his own style and create some really impressive  and unique designs. Even if a client comes with a sketch, Lehel Nyeste likes to add something of his own to it. This way his work will be definitely recognized.

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