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14 of the Most Epic Cemetery Tattoo Designs

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Cemetery tattoos have been and still are more popular than you think. These tattoos can be included in two categories: on the one hand they are melancholic, with an allusion to death and mortality, on the other hand they can be linked to horror and Halloween.

Many tattoo artists can make breathtaking cemetery tattoo designs, some of which we have selected in our gallery below. Don’t forget to check them out!

The design of a cemetery tattoo

The design is linked and varies in function of the two categories mentioned above. Those who want their tattoo to convey melancholy will choose elements like tombs, statues or skulls inked usually in black. Sometimes red will also be used in combination with black, but no other colors.

However, for the ones who want their tattoo to be linked to horror tattoo elements like haunted mansions, full moons, monsters, zombies or ghosts are more recommended. In opposition with the other design, the color of these tattoos can vary, it doesn’t have to be all black or red.

What about placement of the cemetery tattoo?

This tattoo type looks best in a large scale design, so the back, shoulders or sleeves are the most recommended body parts for it. Depending of the artist and the chosen design, you can get a mind-blowing backpiece, full sleeve or feminine shoulder tattoo.

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