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15 Bicycle Tattoos for Everyone

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Bicycles are a fascinating theme for tattoo lovers, since they help us to get from one place to another using our own energy. Thus, there are a number of tattoo designs based on this simple, yet utterly useful vehicle.

Bicycle tattoo designs you can choose from

As with most tattoo designs the possibilities are endless! If you want to keep it simple you can go for a tiny bicycle design with clean black ink lines. Further, you can add also personal elements that are significant to you, depending on your life view. More complicated designs depict someone riding a bicycle, in motion.
As far as size is concerned bicycle tattoos don’t necessarily have to be large, small designs on the right place are just as attractive as a big back tattoo would be.
If you never thought of a bicycle as an object for a tattoo before the below examples will prove that they are in fact very cool!

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