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17 Blackwork Tattoos Designed by Roxx

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Roxx is an excellent tattoo artist whom you can find at 2SpiritTattoo in San Francisco. Although she has settled down in this beautiful city her journey has been long.  Her career in tattooing began in the 80’s on the streets of London, where most of her clients were punk rockers. She has lived in many places across the world, especially Europe.

As you will observe from the tattoos we’ve selected, her work is black. It’s amazing what she can do with this simple color. Through her blackwork tattoos she is able to show not only her talent, but also her imagination and creativity. It’s no wonder that she has become internationally popular, especially among great collectors.

However, if you want one of her black tattoos on your body you can plan it for 2016, she is booking only for 2016 onwards!

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