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17 Spectacular Morning Glory Tattoo Designs

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The morning glory is a blue flower with a distinctive shape that is very close to that of a trumpet. It is no wonder that it has made its entry to the tattoo business as well. As its name says this flower blossoms in the morning

The design of a morning glory tattoo

Esthetically a morning glory can make for an extraordinary tattoo design. Although the flower is blue, the colors of tattoo designs can vary. The blue color is kept for a more realistic replication of the flower, but purple, red or yellow are also popular, they make the design more vibrant. All of these colors go well also in a combination with blue and your tattoo will certainly be noticed.

Besides colors, the morning glory can be combined with other elements as well. For example, together with a hummingbird it results in an excellent tattoo. A hummingbird that is sipping the nectar from a big blue morning glory is definitely a tattoo that catches the eye instantly! However, when you want to combine it with something make sure that you put together elements that appeal to you and your style. This way you will have yourself an awesome tattoo!

The placement of morning glory tattoos

The best body parts for this tattoo are the back, one of the upper sleeves and the foot. These tattoo designs are hardly ever inked on the wrists, fingers or other body parts where they aren´t as exposed, they have to be in the center of attention!

We´ve selected the below designs in order to give you an idea of how charming these morning glory tattoos can be!

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