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18 Magical Constellation Tattoo Designs

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If you happen to be searching for a cool tattoo idea, you can consider a constellation tattoo. It was always believed that our destiny can be foreseen in the stars. Constellations all have different names, some of them mysterious and related to ancient mythologies. Thus it´s not a wonder that last year these tattoos were among the most popular designs. From small to a more ambitious design they are suitable for both women and men.

Possible designs of constellation tattoos

Being a minimalist pattern they can be inked easily on any body part. In spite of the minimalistic pattern, these designs are far from being dull, they can be easily personalized. Most people choose to ink their zodiac constellation. Further on, if you want to go for something unique, that nobody else has, you can connect your moles and have your own pattern. If you want a more detailed design, you can make your tattoo part of a bigger design or opt for a surrealistic, artistic or geometric style, it all depends on what you like. So, what do you think? Are you in for a constellation tattoo?

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