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19 Spectacular Spade Tattoos to Discover

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Have you heard of spade tattoos? If not this might be your chance to discover them. They might not be the most popular designs, but they are definitely worth taking a look at.

The meaning and various designs of spade tattoos

Spades are considered to bring good luck, especially the Ace of Spades, which is considered not only luck, but also extremely powerful. That’s why the Ace of Spades designs are quite common together with the king and queen of spade.
Those who get this tattoo element pay much attention to the symbolism attached to it, both negative and positive. From the point of view of the design spade tattoos are very flexible, they can be simple and complicated, in black or colored and on any part of the body. In fact they are among the few elements that go well on any body part you choose.
Spade tattoos make excellent pair with other elements like butterflies for a more feminine look, or with the joker, skulls or bones for a more masculine look. There are even designs with horseshoe, dice, shamrock or ladybug that add more luck to it!

If you want to choose a spade tattoo, here are a few examples of designs to get you started!

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