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20 Most Beautiful Hummingbird Tattoo Designs

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Hummingbirds live in a state of nearly constant motion. They eat upwards of 50 times a day to replenish the energy they burn. They are graceful and precise. The hummingbird is a very eclectic symbol and can represent a variety of feelings, emotions and ideas.

Hummingbird tattoos are generally preferred by women and are often used in conjunction with other images to add an extra element of symbolism to their design. The birds are depicted in a variety of colors and sizes, making them a great choice of subject regardless of where on the body the wearer wishes to place the tattoo.

Hummingbird Tattoo Meanings

There are a multitude of messages one can send with a hummingbird tattoo and most are very personal in nature. The hummingbird represents the concept of constant motion – how life keeps moving and how we must learn to suck the nectar out of it to really experience it to the full. It also symbolizes perseverance, endurance and strength.

On the heels of concepts like strength and stamina, the hummingbird can also speak of the wearer’s overcoming of major life obstacles and the ability to find happiness and order in the midst of tumultuous circumstances.lovely hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbirds also represent things in motion. They evoke images of energy, hard work, effort and persistence. The inertia of a life spent on the go can be accurately communicated through hummingbird tattoos. The hummingbird reminds us that every day is precious and that life should be lived to the full.

A hummingbird tattoo could also signify reaching a personal goal or a milestone accomplishment. It is the culmination of an ultimately successful endeavor, venture or even a relationship. In terms of the latter, hummingbirds are also symbols of love and, in many cultures, peace – just like the dove.

Finally, the hummingbird is often used as a symbol of autonomy and independence. It is rare to see more than one hummingbird in one place at the same time. These birds are loners but they are focused and committed, symbolizing the value of solitude.

Placement of a Hummingbird Tattoo

The hummingbird can be drawn in a variety of positions to suit the location. Smaller designs work best on the upper arm, shoulder, upper chest, thigh or calf while larger images fit well on the wearer’s side or back. The broad range of messages and ideas conveyed through hummingbirds make it easy to see why they are such a popular tattoo theme. If any of the meanings outlined above speak to you, a hummingbird tattoo may be worth considering.


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