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20 Panda Bear Tattoos for all Tastes

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Panda bear tattoos are not the most popular ones, but along the years they have pretty much caught on. These tattoo designs are versatile and can be worn by both men and women. If you’re not yet familiar with panda bear tattoos, you will soon be even convinced what tattoo to choose next.

The various meanings attributed to panda bear tattoos

It is not an unknown fact that the panda bear has been and still is very important part of Asian culture, being a symbol of peace. Most people choose to ink the panda on their body especially for the meaning it carries.

The variation of panda bear tattoo designs

You have two important things to remember about this tattoo design, it has to show the attributes of the panda bear, but also have a symbolic meaning to the wearer. Unlike other bears, the panda is not aggressive, that´s why in China it is referred to as ´´da xiong mao´´, which literally means ´´ giant bear cat´´. Some of the positive messages a panda tattoo can convey are calmness, peace, balance, knowledge, kindness, good fortune and the list could just go on.

If you want a panda bear tattoo design, you have many possibilities to choose from. Firstly, you can opt for a realistic design or for a cartoon replication of the panda bear. These are most likely kept simple, in black and white.
Secondly, the panda is one of the cutest animals you could choose and with a little creativity it can be turned into one happy tattoo. On the other hand, it can also be inked with a mad look, which makes the design more masculine.
Below you will find many designs of panda tattoos to enjoy! We hope they would fascinate you as much as they have fascinated us!

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