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22 Black Tattoos Designed by ANA

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Anais Le Corvec (known as Ana) is one talented tattoo artist. At a first glance you might say that her tattoo designs are simple. Think again! Behind what looks simple there are hidden meanings, well-chosen patterns, elements that fit, in a nutshell a design created to suit your personality.

Although she has worked also as a graphic designer, Anais began to focus her  more and more on tattoos. The black is common in all her works, colors are not characteristic of her tattoos . She likes to create with her work a more mystique universe, which conveys a deeper meaning.

Although most of her designs are smaller and perfect for locations like the feet, wrist and hand, she can do amazing large-scale designs on the back or on the sleeves. Her small tattoos tend to be more feminine, whereas the larger ones more masculine, but it is not a general rule that can be applied to her work.

Check out the designs we’ve selected for you below! Hope you’ll love like them as much as we do!

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