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23 Amazing Compass Tattoo Designs

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If you are a traveler something that might be missing from your pack is a compass tattoo. This is one of the most frequent tattoo objects among travelers. These designs were used in the early centuries as well, the Celts for example believed that having a compass sign protected the wearer and assured her / him safe return home. Not only would those getting ready for a long wear this sign, but also all their family members. It was their way of wishing a safe journey.

Compass tattoo designs

Compass tattoos come in a variety of designs and can be combined with a nautical star, a simple star, a rose, flowers, ribbons etc. They can also be combined with the letter N, representing North, of utmost importance in direction.
They all have different meanings depending on the element they are combined with. In the past compass tattoo designs were chosen mostly by sailors. Nowadays, they are the choice of people of all ages and from all walks of life because of the fundamental meaning they have: protection and guidance. Plus, we have to admit that they are phenomenal also from an aesthetic point of view.
Beside direction these designs can also be associated with time. To emphasize this connotation you can add an hour glass, a clock or other elements that are in some way related to time.
Obviously, a compass tattoo has a deep symbolism and deserves to be on your skin. It can symbolize that you know your path in life, that you have or will find the right direction, offering that sense of safety and a little hope as well. If you want all this on your body you only have to find an artist who can do great work and get that compass tattoo!
Don’t forget to check out the designs we’ve selected, they are great!




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