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23 Beautiful Swallow Tattoo Designs

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Swallow tattoos have been around for many years now and they will surely stay with us as they are a popular choice among both men and women.

Why choose a swallow tattoo?

Let’s face it among the bird tattoos that exist out there swallows make for the most elegant tattoos. Swallows fly along ships and when they are tired they take rest on them. Thus, in the past they were considered a good symbol among sailors. Even though time has passed, this positive meaning remains attached to the swallow.
The swallow is very important in Greek and Roman culture as well.
The ancient Greeks attached a very important meaning to this bird, for them they were the ones who carried the souls of those passed away. Among Romans they had somewhat other meaning, being a symbol of the rebirth of souls. Let’s not forget the Chinese and Japanese to whom they showed danger, loyalty as well as familial connection as swallows choose a mate for life.
Beside these, many believe that these creatures symbolize a new beginning, thus these tattoo designs are excellent for those who want to start a new chapter and are up for a new start.

The design of swallow tattoos

These tattoos go well inked in traditional and old school designs. In the design many choose to include other elements from nature or anything else you and your tattoo artist can imagine. Of course the meaning can change depending on the element that accompanies the tattoo. For example together with a flower the can symbolize the arrival of spring.
As far as placement is concerned, the chest is one of the most popular body parts for these tattoo designs. The most important part of the design is the color, so make sure that you choose the color combination well! Choose a tattoo artist who can present more color combinations so that you would have variety to choose from. Placed on the fist they indicate power.
In conclusion, if you want a tattoo with some positivity a swallow is your best bet! Check out the below designs we’ve selected for you!

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