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23 Simple Minimalist Tattoo Designs

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After so many bold tattoos, large designs or vibrant colors, minimalist tattoos are like a breath of fresh air. Simple and delicate, this is how these tattoos can be described. Even if they are not as popular as other tattoo types they are worth taking a look at.

Meaning and minimalist tattoo designs

The huge advantage of tiny tattoo designs are that they go well on any body part without creating the impression of exaggeration. Generally, they represent a way of stating that the wearer is a person who loves simplicity, appreciates and is content with the little things in life. Of course more meaning comes attached to them in function of the object you choose for your design. You can choose a slogan, tiny flowers, a star, heart, infinity sign or any other symbol that conveys a meaning or is meaningful for you.
The minimalist tattoo designs are so discreet that you won’t feel the pressure of committing to a tattoo, inking one will come just naturally!



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