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27 Peacock Tattoo Designs to Be Proud Of!

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Peacocks are not ordinary birds. The colorful plumage is the distinctive feature that gives this bird a reason to be boastful. If we add the many symbols and meanings that it carries within, a peacock can be the perfect choice for a tattoo!

The symbolism behind a peacock tattoo

The peacock is a solar bird, its very strong character conveys radiance, invigoration, health and life, but it can also be the symbol of beauty and glory. Peacocks have had their way through history, therefore they hold a lot of different meanings within which depend mostly on religion and beliefs.

In Greek and Roman mythology, for example, they have a royal status, being companions of Hera (the goddess of women and marriage) and Juno (the special counselor of the state).
The peacock has its well-defined place in Chinese symbolism as well, as the emblem of royalty, rank and high status, meaning pride and power. In Buddhism the ”eyes” of the peacock’s feathers are of great importance, denoting watchfulness and expansiveness.
In Christianity these ”eyes ” are interpreted differently, meaning that God is watching over the faithful. For Christians the peacock is similar to the Phoenix and considered a representation of immortality.

What about peacock tattoo designs?

As we have already stated their colorful feathers and the various meanings that come with them make peacock tattoos the choice of many women and men. Choosing the best design for you isn’t a piece of cake! You must decide which are the colors that you want for your tattoo as well as where you want your tattoo to be placed.
Be careful to choose your colors wisely, if it is possible with the help of a tattoo artist. After all you don’t want your tattoo to be just a bunch of colors that don’t convey any message and don’t go well with your tattoo.

Placement is another important aspect of the design. Rarely are peacock tattoos of a small design. Boastfulness and small simply don’t go well together! Therefore, most people opt for a fullback, chest or a ribcage peacock tattoo design, it is rare to see a colorful peacock tattoo on someone’s wrist, neck, hand or foot.
All in all, if you want to show the world that you are unique and proud of that, a peacock tattoo is the best way to go!

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