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31 Unforgettable Wedding Ring Tattoos

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A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a person, it marks the beginning of a new life on the side of a partner.Wedding rings were invented to make this moment even more memorable, they are the foundations of the commitment between two people.
Wedding ring tattoos
take this idea further, they are the wedding rings of our modern days, the symbols of love and devotion between those who choose to spend their lives together.

As their name suggests, wedding ring tattoos are carved on the ring fingers of a couple. The trend of these tattoos is catching up really fast, as more and more couples choose to mark their unity through a wedding ring tattoo.

All you need to know about wedding ring tattoos

Choosing a wedding ring tattoo can be quite a gutsy move and it is not a decision that you will make alone, but together with your partner. However, there are some things you should consider before deciding to go for a wedding ring tattoo.
First of all, you should know that the skin on your finger is thinner than on the other parts of your body, so it is likely for the tattoo to fade after a long period of time. In order to minimize fading you should opt for a darker design. Secondly, be careful with the underside of your finger, the ink here will wear off fast, this is why many couples choose to have their wedding ring tattoo design only on the top of their fingers.
What if you want to get your wedding ring tattoo removed? Hopefully, it will not be the case, but if it is you must be prepared for some scarring. Once a permanent tattoo is done it remains permanent! So,think it through and decide whether you really want it or not.

What wedding ring tattoo design to choose?

The big day is approaching and you have finally decided to take the chance and go with a unique wedding ring tattoo. Don’t wait for the day of your wedding to get tattooed! Such a tattoo needs time to be well-healed, so make an appointment at your tattoo artist as soon as possible!  Although they can be done afterwards as well, you will miss the very essence of the wedding by not doing it beforehand. So get it done before you say ”I do”!

The possibilities for wedding ring tattoo designs are endless. You can go with a simple symbolic design, such as an infinity sign or a heart on your ring finger or with a more complex one, such as your initials or names, the date of your marriage or other things that mean something to both of you and best describe your relationship. Some couples choose to skulls, lions or even owls depending of their personalities
No matter which design you choose a wedding ring tattoo is a one-of-a-kind tattoo and the most original way to symbolize a couple’s union…and the best part is that once they’re done you can never lose them!

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