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39 Geometric Tattoos by Chaim Machlev

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Chaim Machlev is a German tattoo artist who creates intricate geometric tattoos, being one of the best of this particular style. Although he began tattooing only in 2012, in the 2 years he has inked many tattoos, some of which can be called true masterpieces.

Unlike other tattoo artists Chaim Machlev doesn’t have any artistic background. In fact he wasn’t even attracted to tattoos, until he had decided to get one of his own. The process of tattooing had a huge impact  on him, Machlev describes it as a ”life-changing experience”, so he decided to give it a try and began tattooing in Berlin.

When asked about his style, the German artist confesses that he doesn’t like to attach his works to a certain style, his works are more likely as his personality: sometimes extremely simple with only some minimalistic lines and other times very detailed geometric tattoos or mandalas.

Machlev likes to think the design of a tattoo through, sometimes he spends more time on the design itself, than on the process of tattooing. Black is the color used for almost all the designs, because it not only looks good on any body part, but it will not be affected by time. In a few designs red is also used.

After all this information it only remains to take a minute and admire the 39 tattoos that we’ve chosen! You won’t regret it!

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