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40 Zodiac Tattoo Designs For All Tastes!

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Humans have always been fascinated by stars therefore it is not a wonder that zodiac tattoos are getting more and more popular, being one of the best ways to show your personality to others.

Is a zodiac tattoo good for you?

Have you already asked yourself this question? Zodiac tattoos are not only for those who consult and believe in the horoscope. We shouldn’t forget that it expresses the main characteristics and beliefs of a person, therefore choosing it means somehow that you accept who you are. This way, they are more likely associated with an emotion than the sign itself.

Zodiac tattoos and their meanings

In order to get you started we will briefly go through all signs of the zodiac, indicating which design is the best for each.

Aries are the natural leaders of the zodiac. They are independent, full of life, great adventurers and they should choose a tattoo design that puts these characteristics into light. If they are done beautifully these tattoos can be very cool and you can get them inked on any part of your body. The most important part of the design should be the horns, because they highlight the strength and power of this zodiac sign.

Taurus is another strong sign.These tattoo designs can look really masculine and illustrated in various ways. The most popular one is the realistic approach, in which the image of a bull is inked on your body. In this case the tattoo artist aims for the most accurate depiction. However, if you don’t want such a fierce tattoo, you can go with the design of the sign, which is simplistic and powerful.

Gemini zodiac tattoos can be conceived in many different ways. The representation of a pair of twins is the most popular design. Those who belong to this zodiac sign are intellectual and highly diplomatic, therefore the tattoo they choose should focus on these characteristics. Black or in color, simple or more sophisticated they go well on any body part.

Cancer is a sign of water illustrated by a crab, which are strong on the outside, but real sensitive on the inside and their tattoos should illustrate these two opposite things. Therefore, you can combine your tattoo with elements like dream catchers, stars, the sun, lotus flower etc.

The Leo zodiac sign is ruled by the sun, being symbolized by a lion. Those born under this sign are ambitious and loyal individuals. Most Leos opt for a fierce lion tattoo design on their back, chest or sleeve. There are also a few exceptions, who go with a more simple design, inking the zodiac symbol on their wrist or shoulder.

Of all the zodiac the Virgo offers the most beautiful tattoo possibilities. A Virgo is analytical and precise, so he/she needs some careful consideration before choosing the perfect tattoo design. A few ideas to set you on the right track: you should choose a subtle tattoo of the lowercase M (the symbol of this sign) for which the best placement is your neck or your shoulder or be bolder and go for a fullback design. Make sure that you find an artist that has the skills and imagination to make the perfect tattoo for you.

The Libra is illustrated by scales, which can be decorative, in a tribal version with elements like celestial beings on the two sides etc. The most important for a Libra tattoo design is to show harmony and balance.

Scorpio zodiac tattoos can be very attractive! Most often they feature the image of a scorpion combined with the symbol that looks like the letter M with an arrow. For men a larger design, on fullback or chest, is recommended, whereas for women a smaller one on the ankle and wrist is intriguing, just like the character of those born under this sign.

The ninth sign of the zodiac is the Sagittarius. If you are born a Sagittarius you are surely a natural tattoo lover! For your tattoo you have two choices: you can go with the centaur and the archer, which can make an absolutely awesome design, or choose only the symbol of the Sagittarius.

Capricorn tattoos are for those who have a calm attitude. The positive character of the character of those belonging to this sign is often portrayed through a goat, whose lower body is very similar to a mermaid, which symbolizes the dual nature of Capricorns. If you have doubts on what color to choose, you should know that blue is your best bet!

The Aquarius is the simplest of the twelve tattoo designs, made only of two horizontal waves. In spite of its simplicity it can be shaped into many different designs. If you’re an Aquarius you can adapt your tattoo to your personality and just let your imagination and creativity show by modifying the symbol or the image of the water bearer.

Pisces are the last zodiac sign. The two fish who face opposite directions show that Pisces are good mediators, have a thirst for knowledge are intuitive and artistic. Endless design possibilities are offered by the simple symbol of the glyph (sign which resembles the H) and they look great no matter where they are placed. If you consider this design too simple for you, than you can always go with the image of two fish, which can be beautifully stylized and detailed.

Now you are ready for your zodiac tattoo and to show the world who you really are!


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