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28 Wrist Tattoo Designs for Everyone

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If you want to show off your tattoo than the wrist might be the perfect placement you could choose. Wrist tattoos are advantageous for many reasons. Especially small tattoo designs go well on the wrist so that they could be admired not only by others, but also by you (in case you choose a meaningful design it will constantly give you strength). Although these tattoos are mainly the choice of women, they are suitable for any sex and any age.

Designs to choose from

If you’ve decided that you want to go with this tattoo design you have many options. Butterfly tattoos go well on the wrist, because they are small, simple and meaningful designs. You can choose just one butterfly or a group of smaller ones, either way you will have a marvelous tattoo!

Flower wrist tattoo designs are also a popular choice, especially among women. Popular flowers that look good on the wrist are daisies, dandelions or even cherry blossom or any other flowers you like or is meaningful to you. The range of these designs is endless!

Birds, especially swallows are also suitable for the wrists. As in the case of butterfly tattoos, the small design of many flying birds is really eye-catching.

Small, but meaningful icons can also be considered for a wrist tattoo design. Objects like a small heart, an infinity sign, a yin-yang etc. are only a few of the choices that are at your disposal.

On the inner wrist you can tattoo words, phrases or quotations that are meaningful for you, thus making your tattoo more personal. If you don’t want something in your mother tongue, you can also go for something in Chinese, Sanskrit etc. In this case, be careful and do a lot of research before choosing a symbol to know exactly what it means and in which context it can be used.

If you want a crazier tattoo, then you can ink your own bar code on your wrist. No matter of your choice your wrist tattoo will is certainly a dazzling choice! Here are some of the designs we have considered worth sharing!

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