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21 Meaningful Dandelion Tattoo Designs

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Dandelion tattoos can raise the interest of anyone, having a truly symbolic meaning to those who wear them.They are mostly popular among women

Symbolism of dandelion tattoos

Dandelions don’t have the beauty of a rose or the colors of a lotus, they are very simple, lack color and are considered by many plain flowers. In spite of all these the little dandelion has an irresistible and unique look, which can’t be compared to that of any flower. It is very fragile, with petals that can be easily blown by the wind.

Chosen for a tattoo they have a very deep symbolism and various messages can be conveyed through this simple flower. Most often dandelions are associated with time, the flying petals in the wind being the perfect illustration for flying time. Due to the petals’ resemblance to birds they can also express freedom and the beauty of life.

Dandelions appear mostly in folklore and legends, but in a variety of many other cultures as well, symbolizing youth and joy. There are many superstitions attached to them. It is believed that if one dandelion is added to the wedding bouquet of a bride,both the groom and the bride will have luck in their new life together, thus a dandelion tattoo can mean luck.

It is said that if you blow a dandelion and all the seedlings fall off it means the you are loved. If you make a wish before blowing the dandelion and all the seedlings fall off it means your wish will come true. These emphasize the close tie between dandelions and dreams, symbolizing the fulfillment of dreams. Thus, a dandelion tattoo is the perfect choice for someone who daydreams and believes that his/her dreams will come true one day.

Design of a dandelion tattoo

Due to the circular shape of the dandelion its design represents a challenge for both the wearer as the tattoo artist. These tattoos look great in one single color and that is most often black. You can add a touch of color if you want, but be careful and don’t exaggerate, dandelions are simple flowers and it is better to respect their simplicity.

You can choose any size you want, dandelion tattoos look good on any part of the body. However, if you want to illustrate that motion of flying, you must choose a placement like your back or your leg, where it is enough space for the horizontal or vertical movement of the flying petals.

In order to make your tattoo even more beautiful and meaningful, you can combine it with a quote or one word about life, freedom, flying, dreams or incorporate other elements like birds, butterflies, balloons, the choice is in your hands!

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