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Horseman Warrior Tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin

Design of tattoo: A lover’s face

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Love is something that is like sweet wine and can intoxicate the lover. You may not be drunk by love but sometimes you’d surely lose your rationality. When in love, and that is true love, people would do everything to please their partners. Those who are tattoo fans would go even as far as choosing a design of tattoo that is their lover’s face. What’s more, it has to be designed for the whole world to see.

Tattoo design of a lover’s face. Infatuation or love!

This is actually a good thing and it’s commendable to be in love. But sometimes it is better to sit back and appreciate if the other person loves you as much. Something like a tattoo will be permanent on your body and the question you should ask yourself is whether the love is that strong to be permanent. Does the other person love you enough to want to spend the rest of their life with you? Or are you just too blinded by the love you can’t see the real picture?
Sometimes while you are there moaning about your love for someone, they are there wondering what’s wrong with you. This is not to say that having your lovers face on your back or your stomach is bad. It is just to remind you that you may be having another lover in two months time and they may not be comfortable to have another man or woman’s face on you. However it is appropriate to point out that this is a phenomenon that is more common with the ladies than the men. Women will do all to show the man in their life that they are in for real only to be jilted a few days later. Men do love but very few take it to extremes.
Again, it is good to love and love is all there is. However there are some life’s situations that should be understood like being in a relationship. Tomorrow it’s rosy and the next day the roses are gone and you are left with the torn. Some people leave you badly scarred and it will even be worse if you tattoo design that was their effigy.

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