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10 Inspiring Design of Tattoos for Girls

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Some decades ago a tattoo was a really big thing for a man to get and definitely something that a woman should never even dream about. But luckily this social thought has almost vanished and the freedom by acceptance and admiration has been given to the ladies also.

Design of tattoos for girls

Flowers, butterflies, fairies, hearts, stars, tribal tattoos are the most common things that girls choose to ink on their bodies. Tattoos are like accessories, so many girls choose the design of tattoos that best fit their personality.  Girls usually go for small and feminine design of tattoos, in places that can easily be covered with clothes. But there are girls that are choosing to cover an entire area of the body with an intricate tattoo; it depends on the type of personality. Usually the design of tattoos for girls are colorful, small and “girly”

Red bow garter tattoo on upper legFavorite places for tattoos for girls

There are a few body areas that girls choose to place the tattoo; the most common are: back, abdomen, side tattoos, neck, foot and shoulder.
A very common place among girls to have a tattoo is on the lower stomach or abdomen. This area is discreet, sensual and the tattoos fit perfectly. When you go to the beach or pool, a tattoo on the abdomen can cause sensation.

Side tattoos or tattoos on the ribs are another common place for girls to have a tattoo. Usually these tattoos are very colorful and can range in size, from neck to hip too small butterflies. A side tattoo pattern very common is the design of cherry blossoms that are a symbol of life, freedom and nonconformity. Side tattoos are very sexy and express femininity. These tattoos can be very well hidden when you are at work, but all eyes will be on you when you are on the beach in summer.

Tattoos for girls are considered to be very sexy and attractive. Choose the right design of tattoo and go for it!

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