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22 Dream Catcher Tattoos – We Just Love Them!

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There is a mystical quality to the dream catcher that sets it apart from many other tattoo designs. These tattoos are particularly popular with women, but men opt for them as well. Those who get them often have very personal reasons for doing so.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Meaning

A dream catcher is a talisman that originates with Native American tribes and cultures. Authentic ones are hand-made and consist of a woven web or net-like design with various additions that include beads, feathers, seashells, stones, gems, etc. The vast majority of dream catcher adornments are things that occur in nature and most have a direct correlation with one of the traditional four basic elements: earth, air, fire and water.

sexy dreamcatcher tattoo designThe dream catcher is generally displayed wherever the user sleeps, directly above the head. The belief is that it has the ability to allow good dreams to pass through while ensnaring the negative energy from bad dreams and nightmares so they cannot penetrate the mind of the dreamer. In some cultures, however, the interpretation is reversed. To some, the purpose of a dream catcher is to capture good dreams and fill the room with their positive energy. Bad reams pass through the center “eye” of the dream catcher and are released.

Regardless of the interpretation, the dream catcher tattoo speaks of the wearer’s desire for peace, protection and mental wellness. The tattoo is believed to have the ability to attract all kinds of positives including love, money and success while letting things like stress, interpersonal problems and past hurts be filtered out.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Placement

If you have decided to get a dream catcher tattoo, the next most important decision is where to put it. Most men opt for the upper arm but if they want to go bigger, they might also consider putting it on the back. Women often opt for a smaller design and use the round area of the shoulder as a fitting canvas for the design.

Cultural Considerations of dream catcher tattoos

If you decide to get a dream catcher tattoo, it is important to have a clearly defined reason. This is one tattoo that almost always has a story behind it and you will want to be able to tell that story when asked. Many members of Native American cultures do not take kindly to symbols of their heritage being used in a way that is flippant or without purpose. Your tattoo could wind up being the subject of controversy if you haven’t figured out your “why.” Make sure you fully understand its meaning and can explain your reason for having it before getting inked.

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