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34 Magnificent Feather Tattoos

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Feathers can create an interesting element, changing entirely the way a tattoo looks as well as what it means.They are unisex and they are ideal for both women and men tattoo designs.

Types of feather tattoos and their meanings

Feather tattoos have a rich history and they are loaded with different significances. This is the main reason why they are so popular. Eagle, owl, peacock, Phoenix and seagull feathers are the most sought-after feather tattoos and when you look at their meanings you can understand why.

Let’s start with eagle feathers, which instantly bring into your mind an image of the American Indians. In the past the feathers of this bird were of great importance to American Indians, being a symbol of wisdom and having a spiritual value allowing them to communicate with Spirit. In Christianity as well three feathers symbolize three great characteristics: charity, hope and faith.

The colorful feathers of a peacock are are an appropriate tattoo choice for those who are courageous or like to boast. In many cultures the peacock is associated with royalty and courage. However, in Christianity it represents holiness. The feathers of a peacock can make for a beautiful tattoo design, whether it is for the rib cage, arm, foot or other body part.

The feathers from a Phoenix are chosen mostly for their meaning. In Greek mythology the Phoenix was reborn three days after setting his own cage on fire. Thus, it became the symbol of immortality and eternal life. Inked in flames and full color this feather can make for the perfect tattoo.

Although the owl is believed by many to be the symbol of death, many choose these feathers to be inked on their body. Such a tattoo can have many other meanings too, for Native Americans for example it represents protection against evil and wisdom. The owl feather can be a wise choice if you want to emphasize these traits.

Last, but not least the seagull represents another popular choice. Metaphorically the feathers of this bird can mean that you’ve decided to rise above problems in life and believe in yourself.

Besides choosing a certain type of feather, there is another option: a single falling feather, which can have multiple meanings: negative, like loss as well as positive like birth and luck. If you want to emphasize one of these then a single falling feather tattoo is your best bet!

Choosing a feather tattoo design: things to take into consideration

Feather tattoos can be great, but if you want a really meaningful one, then you have to do some research, in order to get to know the bird whose feathers you want to pick, see if it goes well with the message you want your tattoo to convey. Once you have the bird selected it only remains to work on your tattoo design together with your tattoo artist. He /she can add colors or shades in accordance with your wishes and desires, you just have to let his/her ideas take flight!
Other elements can also be incorporated in your feather tattoo, like dream catchers, flowers,anchors, infinity symbol etc.
As far as placement is concerned feather tattoos are really flexible, back, sleeves, wrist or foot are all good places for a feather tattoo. Choose your placement well because it affects the size of your tattoo. After having all planned out you can make the bold move and you will have a wonderful feather tattoo!

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