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17 Lizard Tattoos that Will Make You Want One

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Although lizard tattoos are not the most popular designs among tattoo lovers, in the past few years they have gained some sort of popularity. In fact there are a few places on Earth where they have a deep symbolism.

Do you know what can a lizard tattoo mean?

In some cultures lizards are considered a symbol of bad as people were really afraid of them. Yet, if we look beyond the appearances we have to admit that lizards are absolutely fascinating creatures. We can simply look at the fact that they are able to generate a new tail once they lose one. This could be interpreted as they are able to survive indifferent of the circumstances in life. Thus, they can be the choice of someone who had many difficulties in life, but against all odds he/she has managed to rise.

The design of a lizard tattoo

Lizard tattoo designs are as various as the different types of lizards that exist. Choose a design that suits you and your personality. Lizard breeds are very different as far as their characteristics are concerned. The chameleon is the most popular one among tattoo lovers, but the gecko is not to be left out either! If chameleons are ideal for colorful tattoos, gecko tattoos are just perfect in the Polynesian style and make for a very attractive tattoo design.
These tattoos can be done in many art forms, of which the most common ones are the tribal based and Celtic forms. If you think that that’s all your array of designs, you can’t be more wrong! You can make your tattoo unique by choosing a certain color or combining it with other elements. Women pair their designs most often with flowers, while men combine with another creature.
Check out the below designs we’ve collected for you! They could help you choose your next lizard tattoos!


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